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Logging Into Connect Daily

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Your system administrator, after installing the calendar software, will provide you the URL with which to login to the Calendar system.

Calendars Hosted by MH Software

The URL will be:

Use the User name and password you received when you signed up for the online calendar.

Calendar Software Installed on Your Server:

Generally the URL will be something like:

When the software is installed, a default User ID of Admin with a default password of Admin is created. Use this User ID and Password the first time you login to the system. Once you login, change the Admin password to something secure.

If you are a web designer, you can provide links to the calendar that specify what page is displayed when the User logs in. For example, you can create a link like:


Once the User enters the password and User name, they would be re-directed to the ViewGantt.html page with the resource_id of 3 passed as an argument. You can also transparently log Users into the Calendar. For information on how to do this, refer to the FAQ:

How can I transparently log people into the Calendar?

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